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Our vibrant solid colour range are perfect for the matchy-matchy obsessed! It really is ok to have your poles match your saddle pad. Or mix things up a bit and create your favourite colour combo.

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Our prints offer the ultimate way to stand out from the crowd and reflect your bold and outrageous personality. Jumpskinz prints bring pizazz to your poles in seconds! Because who honestly has the time and skill required to paint in this detail.

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Jumpskinz statement sleeves have been created to lift you up, to remind you to persist, to reach those goals you have set for yourself.

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Jumpskinz Protector

Jumpskinz protector sleeves are an essential element when using Jumpskinz wraps. They are also perfect for protecting your painted timber poles from the elements. 

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Want to try before you buy up big?

Choose any 2 samples from our vibrant colours or designer prints range.
Includes free regular postage to keep the price down

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